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Graduation requirement for the MSc degree


A. Course credits ³ 30 (including 6 from MSc thesis)

Credits from

Required Courses

10 [Seminars (4)Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2)Bioinformatics & Biostatistics (2) Topics in Molecular Medicine (2)]

Credits from

Elective Courses

All English-lecture courses offered by the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Sciences, Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science, and Graduate Institute of Natural Products.

(Maximum 6 credits of Chinese-lecture is available to be your elective courses)


MSc thesis (6 credits) will be given once successfully pass the oral defense.



   Proposal Presentation before the end of the 2nd semester (6/30 or 1/31)

   Progress Report before the end of the 3rd  semester (1/31 or 6/30)


CPoster Presentation

   At least one poster presentation in the Institute-wide thesis competition is needed before graduation



D、Academic Ethics Requirements

Before the end of the first year of school study Completion of the "Center for Taiwan Academic Research

Ethics Education" website: https://ethics.nctu.edu.tw/ After passing the test, you can apply for a course

on the website prove. And to apply for a degree test results audit, pay this course to prove that course.