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International Master Degree Program for Molecular Medicine in Emerging Viral Infections education POLICY

Name: As approved by the Ministry of Education, the official Chinese name of the program is “長庚大學新興病毒分子醫學國際碩士學位學程,” and the official English name is “International Master Degree Program for Molecular Medicine in Emerging Viral Infections, Chang Gung University.”

Objective:The hope of this program is to attract Taiwanese and international students with strong research potential. Participation from international students will contribute to the internationalization of Taiwan’s higher education system as well as foster students’ abilities to think independently and with a global mindset when conducting research. In addition, this program will enhance students’ professional competence in biotechnology-related industries and enable them to collaborate with international institutions to form safety networks against emerging viruses.

Organization: The program is headed by a director and several committees. The director is responsible for organizing and coordinating the program’s undertaking and serves as a representative of the program. The committees are responsible for formulating education policy, developing course content, and executing education-related duties.

Amendments to the Guidelines:Any amendment to the guidelines shall be approved through program affairs meetings, be announced on the program website, and shall go into effect only after it has been publicly announced.